Coronavirus risk assessment

Coronovirus is still in the community and a risk to everyone and we all have a different opinion about what is too much of a risk. We have a responsibility to make the playing days as safe as possible so will be adopting the following policy:

1. Anyone who is not well for any reason CANNOT attend a playing day.
2. Everyone should have had both COVID vaccinations and where possible do a lateral flow test within 24 hrs of a playing day. (They can be collected from a pharmacy or ordered on line. There are 7 tests in a box with very clear instructions).
3. Hand sanitiser will be provided for people to use on arrival.
4. Face coverings should be worn when not playing or eating.
5. Socially distanced chairs for playing and social distancing encouraged during the breaks.
6. Everyone will need to bring their own food and drink. (Otherwise a pinch point is created at the hatch and compromises social distancing).
7. No sharing of instruments and suck not blow when clearing the windway of your recorders.
8. Ventilation of the hall, but not to the extent the hall is freezing cold.
9. If you are diagnosed with COVID up to 10 days after a meeting please inform Jan Epps
10. Please respect other peoples personal space and when registering please stand back until it is your turn.

Provide adequate ventilation

Aerosol Windows and doors will be open to ventilate the hall but without making it freezing cold
Clean more often

Surface The Church cleaners will clean after last users
Enable people to check in at your venue

Aerosol, droplet, surface Please wear a facecovering when you arrive

Aerosol, droplet, surface Everyone to use hand sanitiser on arrival

Aerosol, droplet, surface Maintain social distancing while waiting to register

Aerosol, droplet, surface Register of attendees at each meeting to be kept Secretary and chair
Communicate and train

Aerosol, droplet, surface All attendees will be sent COVID secure policy prior to the meeting Secretary

Aerosol, droplet, surface Everyone should let the secretary know if they are intending to come

Aerosol, droplet, surface The risk assessment will be updated monthly and sent to members

Aerosol, droplet, surface Anyone who tests positive for COVID within 10 days of a rehearsal must inform the secretary

Social distancing / flow of people

Droplet Chairs will be set out with a space around them

Droplet The conductor will be 2m from nearest player

Droplet Members to bring their own music stand

Droplet During breaks people should maintain social distance

Droplet No sharing of instruments

Droplet When clearing windway of recorders suck not blow

Droplet Respect everyone's personal space


Surface Everyone to bring their own food and drink

Surface It is not possible to provide refreshments without creating a pinch point and maintain social distancing

Should you require further information or would like to go on the email mailing list please contact Jan Epps email: All emails are sent blind copy so others will not be able to view your email address. Those on the mailing list receive reminders about playing days each month. In addition information about other recorder playing days or concerts is also sent out.